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Concrete Finishes

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials in the world. Explore some of the finishes

Custom Formwork

At Grants Concrete we offer decades of service forming everything from home additions to driveways, retaining walls, patio’s and more.
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In most cases concrete projects require some ground or grade preparation. Depending upon the base material existing on your project there may be a need to remove or add material.

Drainage and Drain Installation

Concrete is essentially a waterproof product and needs to have slope. Unless your concrete will be placed flat or indoors we place the concrete with slope to drain the water off the concrete surface.
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Concrete Sealing

Would include acid washing and pressure washing. We recommend sealing your concrete but it is not a requirement.

Concrete Pumping

We commonly use concrete pumps for our installation where access to the job site area is limited. We can provide all kinds of concrete pumps ranging from boom bumps to line pumps to ensure easy installation of your concrete.
Concrete pump
Close-up shot of a cutoff saw in action sawing expansion joints in a newly constructed sidewalk. Motion blur on saw blade.

Concrete Cutting

Grants Concrete offers concrete cutting for all kinds of applications both vertical and horizontal.

Concrete Toppings and Overlays

In some cases concrete can be covered to provide a new concrete finish. Concrete toppings are generally used where a minimum of 1.5″ of concrete can be added to existing concrete or plywood sub floor.
Worker levels a floor cement mortar. Equal floor. Repair of the house.