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Who We Are

Based out of Maple Ridge BC we service all of Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. We are available for larger projects in locations throughout British Columbia. We are pleased to provide references upon request. We carry 2 million liability insurance and Worksafe BC.

What We Do

At Grants Concrete we are a full service contractor offering all aspects of a professional concrete installation. Like any construction project there are key elements that are necessary for a quality concrete project to not only look good but stand the test of time.

Excavation and Preparation

In most cases concrete projects require some ground or grade preparation. Depending upon the base material existing on your project there may be a need to remove or add material.


Concrete is essentially a waterproof product and needs to have slope. Unless your concrete will be placed flat or indoors we place the concrete with slope to drain the water off the concrete surface.

Concrete Finishes

Concrete in its liquid form for can be moulded into virtually any shape. In addition we can apply a variety of finishing techniques to create customized installations enhancing your project design.

Reinforcing concrete, foundations and slabs

In most cases concrete requires reinforcement in order for it to last. Once concrete has set it has a tendency to crack and although we aim to minimize this happening it is sometimes unavoidable

Our Testimonials

Here’s what just a few of our customers have to say about our services. We are happy to provide references upon request.